Top High Stakes Betting Sites Offers And Bonuses

What is it that high stakes players look for when signing up for an online betting account? Is it high stakes online casino or high limit roulette? Whatever it is we here at bestbetindex feel that with our knowledge of online gambling we have gathered the very best sites for  high roller betting. Many of the sites you can place a bet of whatever value you desire, although some do have a maximum payout per bet. Its the casino side of things that we have found some of the bookies come into there own when talking about large stakes per spin etc.

Most of the bookies have a VIP program where after you have been with the site for long enough and have bet big with them you are then assigned an account manager that really adds to that VIP experience. The VIP player then has the chance to arrange there own terms for there account whether it be max bet per spin or maximum deposit. The betting sites also offer there VIP customers some quite amazing bonuses and experiences, which we have read about ranging from luxury holidays, weekends away to VIP passes to some of the biggest and most exclusive events around the world. As we have been playing and searching all of the best betting pages we have taken into account the variety of things we feel the VIP player would be looking for.

Obviously as we have stated the size of bets that they are able to place. Also we have looked into the different games that are available from table favorites such as roulette and blackjack where maximum bets can be as much as £2500 per hand or up to £10000 per roulette spin. Many of the slots as well have been designed with the big players in mind,with some featuring up to £700 per spin. Some of the progressive jackpots can run into one million pounds plus. As is the case with most gambling sites the high limits pages are no different when it comes to poker. With some of the tournament prize funds being well over one million dollars, the standard can be quite high but when playing at those sort of levels with a bit of good play and luck there is the potential for a massive payday. As well as the tournaments there are also the big blind cash games, these games the blinds can be $100/$200 per hand. There is the chance to win a load of cash in a very short space of time, these large no limit cash games some of the time feature the same usernames so playing a guest the same players can benefit when learning there strengths and weaknesses.
We feel our detailed review really have covered everything that the big time playing customer would want in there online playing account. As we have said the gambling sites really go out of there way to do everything possible to keep there players happy and with that added bonus of the experiences that they also offer there VIPs,some being money cant buy events, the very very best treatment out there.

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SkyVegas Review

SkyVegas Review

Bet up to £500 per number on roulette. Bet up to £1000 per blackjack hand. High stakes slots bet up to £700 a ...

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9.5Our score

£10 free bonus + 200% deposit bonus up to £1000

Betfair Review

Betfair Review

Bet Minimum Bet (£) Maximum Bet (£) Payout Straight Up 0.5 500 35 to 1 Split ...

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9Our score

200% welcome bonus up to £300

Bet365 Review

Bet365 Review


User rating:
8Our score

£3000 bonus bundle + a range of very special offers